Christopher Nolen’s ZODIAC SIGN (Official Trailer) 2015

Christopher Nolen’s ZODIAC SIGN (Official Trailer) 2015

Christopher Nolen’s Zodiac Sign Official Trailer (2015) – Caryn Ward Ross, Tammy Townsend, Tanjareen Thomas, Carl Anthony Payne II, Brad James, Timon Kyle Durrett, Keith Robinson, Christopher Nolen, Clint Lewis, David Leonard, and Nekia Nichelle.

Zodiac Sign follows beautiful elementary school principal, Diana Malone (Caryn Ward Ross), a childless divorcee going five years strong without a man in her life. Diana is the only unwed woman left in her crew, and her best friends, Victoria (Tammy Townsend) and Tasha (Tanjareen Thomas), are determined to help her change that. The women consult the laws of the zodiac to find bachelors whose astrological signs are most compatible with Diana’s complicated Capricorn. Diana agrees to date a few men from the zodiac-approved dating pool, and soon discovers that nothing is as it seems on her quest to find “Mr. Right Sign.”

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