What’s your Chinese zodiac sign?

What’s your Chinese zodiac sign?
In this lesson, Yoyo Chinese teacher Yangyang Cheng teaches you how to find out about someone’s age without asking them “how old are you”. The trick is to ask the question “what’s your animal sign”.

2017 is the year of the rooster!

Here are the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs, which one are you?

rat – shǔ (鼠)
ox – niú (牛)
tiger – hǔ (虎)
rabbit – tù (兔)
dragon – lóng (龙)
snake – shé (蛇)
horse – mǎ (马)
goat – yáng (羊)
monkey – hóu (猴)
rooster – jī (鸡)
dog – gǒu (狗)
pig – zhū (猪)

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