Who’s the Most Beautiful.. Zodiac Sign?

Who’s the Most Beautiful.. Zodiac Sign?
So.. we all should know by know that beauty is more than how someone looks.. to me anyways.. it’s an attitude of flowing energy and self acceptance that begins on the inside and then radiates outward.

To me.. beauty is flowing in the warmth of the life force energy – it helps people along their journey and it doesn’t obstruct the life force around them..

Yes it can be peaceful and yes it can be helpful but it doesn’t have to be.. it just has to flow.. but there’s more..

To make this list the zodiac sign has to also fulfill an astrological requirement.. (it’s an astrology video after all.. duh..)

As always.. take everything with a grain of salt & have fun.. And if you have a comment or you have your own list – then plz leave it in the comments section below and I’ll read the best ones out in the weekly Lovescopes video that comes out every Thursday on this channel.

Here’s the list!

#4: 5:35
#3: 8:10
#2: 11:22
#1: 15:00

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