Who’s the Most Dangerous.. Zodiac Sign?

Who’s the Most Dangerous.. Zodiac Sign?
So.. I came across a list supposedly put out by the FBI which ranks which Zodiac signs get arrested the most – I thought it was cute so I decided to share it here on the channel.

Now.. it’s not the list of most dangerous criminals nor is it the list of serial killers.. all fun lists that can be found in this youtube playlist and on thesunnyside.net website but.. they’re not this list..

Here’s the list.. !
No 6: 1:55
No 5: 4:45
No 4: 7:53
No 3: 9:46
No 2: 12:57
No 1: 14:55

As always.. you’re comments and questions are appreciated.. & I’ll read out the best ones on the weekly Lovescopes video that comes out every Thursday on this channel.

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