Who’s the Most Hot Tempered.. Zodiac Sign?

Who’s the Most Hot Tempered.. Zodiac Sign?
Well.. for better or worse we all know someone with a short fuse.. a quick temper.. & and explosive rage. This list of Astrological Personalities & Characteristics rank the top Rageaholics & Freakout Artists of the Zodiac.

It doesn’t take much explanation for this one. These are the guys who will simply explode with rage. Some are easy to provoke.. and some can keep their cool a little long – but all of them.. once pushed – will show you a side of that you’ll really wish you’d never seen.

As always.. take everything with a grain of salt and have fun. And plz.. leave your own lists in the comments section below and I’ll read out the best ones on the weekly Love Horoscopes video that come out every Thursday.

Here’s the list.. !

No 5: 2:05
No 4: 4:15
No 3: 6:28
No 2: 8:35
Honorable Mentions: 11:30
No 1: 12:23

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