Who’s the Most Nurturing.. Zodiac Sign?

Who’s the Most Nurturing.. Zodiac Sign?
Ok.. well we all know someone who likes to take care of others.. maybe they’re always checking in to see if you’re ok.. maybe they bring treats.. and sometimes they’ll even be there to cheer you up.

This was an easy Astrological Zodiac list..

Yes.. everyone can be nurturing if given half a chance but not everyone is hardwired to help others by nature. Additionally, nurturing is much more than just wanting or trying to help others anyways.. it’s a slow and drawn out process.. so even if some of the zodiac signs want to nurture something.. they just might not have to patience or the disciple to let it grow and evolve at it’s own pace..

The list based on Horoscope Signs was easy.. but nurturing is not. Again.. it’s not really about who cares the most or who does the most for you.. it’s about which zodiac sign goes out of their way to help you grow and to thrive.

As always .. take it all with a grain of salt.. & have fun!

Here’s the List..!
No 6: 1:25
No 5: 3:40
No 4: 5:25
No 3: 8:05
No 2: 10:10
Honorable Mentions: 13:00
No 1: 13:20

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